Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hats off to Fredie Flintoff

Ashes has allways been a fun to watch for all cricket lovers, due its coverage and hipe that media gives it. This time around Fredie Andrew Flintoff made sure that he uses the right spirit of the game as he was playing his last test match at the Lord's the place has already witnessed many great performances of some great cricketing heroes.

England won the test comprehensively by giving Aussies 500 + runs as target to win. Never ever in the history of Ashes it was done before, so the chances were that Australia might be able to pull out a draw. But, yes the hero of the 2nd Australian Innings for England was His Highness, Andrew Flintoff who took another 5 wicket haul to claim one of the best exit from Lords test cricket.

Hats off once again to a Champion Cricketer.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Its a great news for Indian Cricket Fans as Indians now rule both ODI and Test Rankings. With S Dhoni topping the chart for ODI, it is now the time for great Indian Opener Gautam Gambhir to top the Test Ranking chart. Gambhir with brilliant performances in the recent Indian Tour of New Zealand prooved that hard pays at the best time when you need.

He was a flopp show in the T 20 world cup, but his previous good performances counted a lot for him to lead the tables of Test Ranking.

Cheers for some good news !

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


After an early exit from the T20 world cup, every body thought that magic of Magical Dhoni might have ended. But, you never know whne M S D is on field with his blazing guns. While the Indian team reached West Indies for its recent tour, they were called underdogs and were taken very lightly.

But Team India took it in a very great mood and made sure that they capture the series very dramatically. Not only this, but with this win Indian Captian became number 1 in ICC rankings with Yuvraj at number 2 and Sehwag at 8. Indian team also won 5 of its series abroad which really is a big achievement for M S Dhoni.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Team India at T 20 :- a big flopp

As already discussed by thousands of media person in hundreds of media modes, that after the IPL season 2, all major names in the World Cricket sounded very tired. Indian International team was also victim of the same franchisee and sponsorors pressure. All the players played well in IPL but yes, they were really tired after such crucial encounters amongst themselves.

Indian fans were really hoping a a bg show down by them in the T 20 world cup but instead they were disheartened to know and see their champions falling apart and were not able to even qualify to Semi's level and could not defend the cup properly.