Monday, November 17, 2008

India Crushes the Australian proud and flushes it down the drain.

It was an extremely humble indian side after a remarkable win over Aussies in the recent test series. Aussies came here with a mission to get the victory after they lost in their home grounds to upcoming young and talented Indian side, but all in vain they could understand the spinner and could not even face the steamy young fast bowlers like Ishant Sharma ( Pride of Dlehi).

But the major attrcation was Zaheer's reverse swing which led Aussies with big, big and bigger ?

At the end of the hard fought test series by Australia it was the Proud Kumble's and Darring Dhoni's hard to beat boys who managed to clinch a rememborable victory in the recent test series..

Hip Hip Hip Hurraaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy...............

Cheeers !

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