Monday, November 17, 2008


After the memorable victory over world leader in cricket Australia, it was not a wild guess that England would have to be in the best of form to face some serious cricket in the subcontinent. Although the Englishmen were very well placed in the mind games and game strategies after beating the South African's comprehensively. But, the real game starts in India when the Englishmen were looking as if they were underprepared for the ODI series.
The body language of the visitors never ever looked that they are really going to challanged the young Indian Squad. On the other hand the selectors take 10 out 10 for choosing the best out of the best and sticking with Veeru and Gambhir to open the innings rather than giving the young lad Virat Kohli another oppurtunity to let go down the drain. In fact the Delhi openers obliged the crowd and gave them the worth of their money by giving excellent opening in the 1st ODI.
However, the star of the first two matches was undoubtedly Mr. UNFIT Yuvraj Singh, he made batting look so easy in both the innings that it really very hard to miss a moment out of it.
Infact, England should think of signing Yuvi as their batting coach for the upcoming matches if he is unfit to serve Indian Cricket.

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