Monday, December 15, 2008


It was a tense dressing when England gave a target of 387 runs to India to chase to be a winner in the first test match in Chennai. But, unlike the 1st innings Veeru has some other plans. Started the 2nd Innings with a fair plan to end the run chase by the pre lunch session on the 5th day. He scored at a brisk treaing the ball litterally into four peices in the first ten over only. Not only Kevin Pieterson was worried but some of the members of English Media were also tense as they have already declared the visitors as the favourites to win. Veeru not only scored runs quickly but also made sure that the baller gets in pressure. He scored runs as if he is playing a 20 20 match. Completed his brilliant half century in a very short time, and laid down a great plan for unbelievable victory for the home team. As he got out the remainig plans were executed by The Maestro and YUVI. Who made that they have to complete this run chase without loosing any more wickets.

The icing on the cake was THE LEGEND enjyoing his 41st TON to make his team victorious.

Now thats call for celebration so , enjoy !


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