Monday, February 2, 2009

India Won against all odds

2nd ODI between India and Sri Lanka was a must watch match for cricket lovers. Although India managed to clinch the match from Sri lankan team, but the match saw many drastic umpiring decisions and many flaws of Sri Lankan cricketing infrastructure.

First Tendulkar judged lbw on a delivery going down th leg side and then to give the right taste Yuvi adjudged lbw on an inside edge. Later on India managed to score a good 250+ score and made it count by keeping Sri Lankans away from the required run rate.

There was one time when Zaheer bowled to Maharoof, he missed the ball and the ball clipped the stumps but could not dislodge the bails. Everyone was stunned seeing this. Later on even Dhoni tried to run another batsmen out but, he could not dislodge the bails too. Isn't it interesting that besides the ball hitting the stumps by a fast bowler and a run out attempt, the bails were still not dislodged. No matter what but yes India won the second match and are up by 2-0 in the seires.

Zaheer Khan was awarded his 5th Odi man of the match award for his efforts in the match.

Lets wait n watch the next one.

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