Saturday, March 7, 2009

IPL 2009

Due to GENERAL ELECTIONS and less security personnels at one point in time, it looked that we would not been able to watch IPL 2009. But yes now after a heavy dialogue between government agencies and IPL Commisioner Mr. Lalit Modi it is now confirmed that the IPL will take place in the same time but with some changes in the venues and days of the matches. This is just because the states are going to host General election in the same time of the IPL matches. But yes cricket fever is back on as the Governement and IPL have agreed for the same.

We would try to cover each and every match and see who makes the most of the money this year. Will it be Rajasthan Royals or somebody else.

We would update you with the timings and days of the tournament as soon as we could.

Till the time CHILL and CHEERS !

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