Monday, March 9, 2009


No one knew 19 years ago that a tiny thin guy who gave an interview to Tom Alter saying he loves cricket other than anything else would mean it by, like this, that his International Career would last as a king of all times for the almost 2 Decades now. Yes Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar a phenomenon of Cricket himself, believed to be the backbone of Indian Cricket team for ages now. After a gloomy start to his career he made the world think again about his presense in the game.

Many great Legends of the game has the same sort of temprament and love tpwards the game. Be it Don Bradman, Viv Richards, Rohan Kanhai , Javed Miandad, Kapil Dev or be it Sunil Gavaskar. These not only played the game for their country but played and worshiped for themselves just like Sachin allways does.

I still remember one anchor in an awards nite saying that "it is very hard to keep out of controversies for such a long time when you have reached the top of the tree".But yes in Sachin's case he has been a tremendous individual for youngsters to follow. Learn how to keep out of gossips and learn how to plan a career.

Top International players also finds him very calm and learner of the game till date. Who would forget the batting display against Aussies in Sharjah. Shane Warne the then number 1 spinner of the world admitting in the front of camera that after that series he was unable to sleep for many nights as he could see Sachin hitting him across all parts of the ground. Not only players but the fans club extends to the Umpires also. After India played Australia in a Chennai (then Madras) test match Umpire David Sheppard told the press that he has never ever seen a batsmen of Sachin's caliber as it was the first time in his career he has seen the ball being hit for a six in the first session of the first days play.

I salute to you YOUR HIGHNESS and pray for your early recovery to see you back in action on the HOLI DAY.

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