Saturday, February 20, 2010


Another glorious day in Indian Cricket's History India saved a test series defeat not only this they also made sure that the challengers South Africans also don't go winning the test series. 2nd test in Kolkata was a great example how Sehwag can run over an opposition single handedly and how dangerous a test batsmen of his caliber could be. He butchered the proteas bowlers all around the park and created a platform for all other batsmen to come and make a huge total to help them to win the match in exactly the same way the proteas did in the last match.

It was a good match to witness but a tensed one at the final session of the final day when Indian spinners were unable to take the last wicket with nearly 4 overs left to bowl in the match but 'ALL IS WELL; is the logo these days in India. As Bhajji managed to clear the last man in to win the match and save the day for India and DHONI.

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