Sunday, December 27, 2009


It was the 5th and the last ODI of Sri Lanka India Series, venue F. Kotla New Delhi.The stadium was jam packed as it was a sunday blockbuster match of the series. Since India has already won the series in the last match so every one in Delhi wanted India to beat lank in brilliant style.

But the scene was opposite. It was an unfit pitch so the eyebrowse were already raised in the mopring and the pitch staff was inquired a lot about the pitch like how will it react and what would be the good score on the wicket. But the Indian captain won the toss and on that unfit track the ball seemed , dipped , bounced, swung very very very unevenly .

The Cricket was put on the stake for a while and many of the commentators of the BCCI TV said it on air that the pitch is not good for international games. With International stars like Jayasurya and Dilshan sent to hospital after they have been hit by uneven deliveries. The match was stopped due to unplayable conditions was hence the crowd got agitated and they were very unhappy about what they have seen in the ferozshah kotla.

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